What’s New – Home Accessories – Kähler Ceramics

Friday, 7th July 2017

The TLS team are always searching out great new home accessories, furniture and lighting products. Recently we’ve been very busy expanding our wonderful selection of home accessories including some amazing products from Kähler Ceramics.

A new brand to TLS is Kähler Ceramics – Danish design since 1839.

The Lollipop Shoppe Home Accessories Kahler Ceramics

One of our favourite products from Kahler has to be their classic Sparedyr Fish Money Banks. The first fish banks were designed in 1920’s by Nils Kähler, they were developed when Nils began experimenting with creating a range of animal shaped money boxes & decorative ceramic animals. Originally used as a way for new apprentices to develop their technical skills, and due to there popularity went on to become some of the most popular products from Kähler Ceramics.

Today these sweet little fish have now been carefully reinterpreted, with each money box still carefully decorated by hand, meaning that no two are alike and unlike the original money banks (which you had to break open!) these new designs have a convenient hole on the bottom which is sealed with cork stopper.

We’re also stocking a variety of pieces from the lovely Hammershoi collection. Inspired by the classic vases of the world-renowned artist Svend Hammershøi Hans-Christian Bauer has now reinterpreted these iconic designs for the next generation.

The Lollipop Shoppe Kahler Ceramics Hammershoi Vases