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Otl Aicher’s Posters for the 1972 Olympics, held in Munich, Germany.

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

With the 2016 Olympics kicking off in Rio this week, we thought we’d take a look at some Olympic history in the form of the posters created by Otl Aicher for the 1972 Games held in Munich, Germany.


Otl Aicher, hard at work.

Aicher was born 13th May 1922, and is regarded as one of the leading Graphic Designers of the 20th Century. In the early 70’s he was asked to head the design team who created the promotional posters for the 1972 Olympic games, held in Munich, Germany. His work for this project has become iconic, especially Aicher’s use of the Pictogram system, in which a pictorial symbol is used for are word. Aicher was also the creator of the first Olympic Mascot, in the form of Waldi the colourful Dachshund, a concept which has been popular ever since.

The element we love most about these iconic posters is the use of colour, the designs themselves are reasonably simplistic, and yet the technique of printing bold colours in layers creates movement, atmosphere, and great graphic design!

Thank you to


Waldi, the first ever Olympic Mascot.


A perfect example of the Pictogram system.


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Welcome… Louis Poulsen!

Thursday, May 5th, 2016


We are very excited to introduce the latest brand to join The Lollipop Shoppe family,  Danish lighting brand Louis Poulson!

Louis Poulsen’s approach to architectural development began with its collaboration with one of the best known and respected light designers, Poul Henningsen. Together with Poul Henningsen, Louis Poulsen created a lighting and product philosophy summed up in the words function, comfort and ambience. This philosophy continues to this day to clearly influence the very simple and functional product design – with a focus on human well-being and perception of artificial light – which helps create unique lighting environments. Louis Poulsen’s approach to lighting lies in a very strict and uncompromising product philosophy grounded in simplicity. There must be no elements which do not serve a light related purpose. This results in products with a very simple and discreet design, ideally suited to all types of architecture, both new and old, across cultural styles. Louis Poulsen’s product designs are also admired for their unique quality and lasting appeal, with the result that projects remain contemporary year after year.

See the collection here!


TLS LOVES…. Iittala X Issey Miyake

Friday, February 12th, 2016

We LOVE the Iittala  X  Issey  Miyake  collection, that was launched at Stockholm design week. The collaboration between two masters of timeless design from two sides of the world, Finland and Japan. One vision of a home with harmony. Iittala X Issey Miyake is a unique collection of high quality ceramics, glass and home textiles that enable you to pause and enjoy the moment. Iittala  X  Issey  Miyake  collection  brings  your home  a  new  kind of harmony by combining Scandinavian and Asian craftmanship and ambiance.


iittala-x-issey-miyake-launch-stockholm-design-fair-2016_dezeen_1568_3 iittala-x-issey-miyake-launch-stockholm-design-fair-2016_dezeen_1568_2 iittala-x-issey-miyake-launch-stockholm-design-fair-2016_dezeen_1568_7 iittala-x-issey-miyake-launch-stockholm-design-fair-2016_dezeen_1568_8 iittala-x-issey-miyake-launch-stockholm-design-fair-2016_dezeen_1568_9 iittala-x-issey-miyake-launch-stockholm-design-fair-2016_dezeen_1568_1

Lighting This Autumn

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Our short British Summer is sadly at an end, the days are definitely getting shorter and the cold is slowly creeping in. So why not  brighten up your interior with some of our great lighting products, ideal for the coming winter months.

Whether it be a replacement for an old pendant lamp that you’ve been meaning to ‘get-around’ to changing or a desk lamp that will make working a little more enjoyable, we’re sure to have something for you.

Here’s a list of some of the TLS Staff’s favourite pieces…

Pendant Lights – The all important pendant light, not only a great light source but can also be the centre piece of any room. A real favourite is the Smithfield S from Flos. Designed by Jasper Morrison this pedant is ideal for providing a direct down light, and works particularly well over a dining table. Available in 3 colours.


Another popular choice is the Beat Lamp by Tom Dixon. The Beat Range is pretty comprehensive, with various pendant shapes and sizes as well floor and table versions, in different finishes. The pendant range really work well in multiples and the varying shapes complement each other well.


Table Lights – Table lights come in all shapes and sizes, for use on a desk, by the bed or just to brighten up a corner, they are a great flexible light source that can be easily unplugged and moved around. The Anglepoise Mini 75 has to be one our must have items, great for working under and available in some lovely finishes.Lighting_Blog3

Another good choice for a side or bed side table is the Flos KTribe T1 or T2 lamp. Designed by the famous Available in various finishes, to suit the environment, maybe the Transparent for brightening up a corner of the room or the Smoke or Soft version for a more ambient light in the bedroom.


Floor Lamps – Like table lamps, floor lamps can be used in various places to suit your needs, whilst most can be moved around easily you may need a hand with one of staff picks… The Arco Lamp. A true classic. The Arco floor lamp is a stand out signature piece of design. A heavy weight white Carrara marble base anchors this substantial lamp to it’s surroundings.


Another popular floor lamp is the Yamagiwa M2 floor lamp. Hand made in Japan, the lamp creates a warm soft light coming through the two shelters of glassfiber strings just like a traditional Japanese paper lantern (Bonbori).


That’s just some of our staff picks for lighting this autumn, but there are so many more to choose from. Take a look at our Lighting Section for hundreds of choices of lighting.

TLS LOVES – Animals

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Here at TLS we really love our animals! and we just can’t help ourselves when we find a great animal product.

We’ve got birds, bears, cats, dogs and more.


A long standing favourite at TLS is the Rimini Blue range of animals from Bitossi. Designed by Aldo Londi, each piece is unique with varying shades and textures.


Now back in-stock are Kay Bojesens stunning Songbirds, produced by Rosendahl. Each of these colourful characters comes with their own name and story. Including ‘Kay’ which is named after Mr. Bojesen himself. He was a great fan of the colour blue and was known to always either be dressed in an immaculate blue suit, shirt and tie or a white smock.


Another new arrival comes from Jane Beck. Jane supplies beautiful textiles, many of which are vintage and all made in Wales. These cute fabric doorstops are handmade by Gillian near Ammanford in Carmarthenshire, each one is made from vintage fabrics, so they’re all a little different.


We’re always on the lookout for more special animal products, and we’ll make sure to keep you posted on our newest finds.

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