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Interview: Lauren Lester – While Odin Sleeps

Friday, July 25th, 2014

We’ve just got some amazing new jewellery pieces in stock from While Odin Sleeps.

We spoke with Designer and Founder Lauren Lester to learn more about herself and the brand. A great little read, with some humorous and insightful responses.


I am currently designing….

A line of pieces with leather. I use to collect rocks when I lived in Montana and I’d keep them in a small leather medicine pouch my mom bought me on a camping trip. So I’m working with a friend to make leather pouch necklaces so we can all be a kid again, toting around our favourite collectables.

I am reading….

Field Guide to the Common Insects of Texas. I just to moved to Austin, TX and that means a whole new world of foreign insects! I’m mildly obsessed with insects, mainly arachnids, and I love being able to identify them.

I couldn’t live without….

Cake. I know it should be something far more profound, but I’m a lady. And I hope I’m not overly generalizing when I say we sure do love our baked goods. 

 My greatest achievement to date is…..

Gosh, this is a tough one. I’d have to say walking the Comino de Santiago in Spain by myself. Being alone with your thoughts and void of familiar faces for that long really wares on you. You never realize how many demons you have til your days lack distractions. But once it was said and done I felt far more clear and complete, that alone is quite an achievement. 

 I collect…..

Minerals, mounted insects, and all things taxidermic.! I have a small natural history museum growing in my studio.

My next project is….

Dream catchers! Using horse hair,crystals, and dried flowers I’m working on making art you can hang versus wear. I’m pretty stoked about those. 


Check out the range here…

Interview with Simon Key Bertman…

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

We’ve just got some great new textiles in stock from a TLS favourite – Simon Key Bertman

Whilst we were discussing his new products we also asked him a few small questions…

I am currently designing….
Very nice throws, in paler colours than I am used to for a very well-reputed design company.

I am reading….
About patterns, textiles and cargo bikes

I couldn’t live without….
I can’t live without biking with my cargo and my family.
Also I can’t live without aesthetics, arts and sciences. Its inspires me to create new patterns and colours.

My favourite designer is…..
Sol LeWitt

I collect…..
My old-fashioned bikes, electrical bikes, cargo bikes and electrical cargo bikes.

My next project is….
Something that I do not know about yet, I like surprises!

Take a look at new products now in-stock from Simon here…

One of our favourite pieces has to be this multicoloured Chess Cotton Throw!


If you want to learn more about Simon’s work head over to his website for a great selection of products and more insight into this designer.

Interview with Anthony Burrill…

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

We sit down with Mr Anthony Burrill for a little chat about life, design and work.

I am currently working on…

New ideas for more wood block prints. I haven’t made any for a while so I’m looking forward to getting my hands inky.

I am listening to…

The sound of birds outside my studio window. I live and work in rural Kent, the spring bird song is glorious.

One thing I couldn’t be without…

My beautiful wife and gorgeous children.

I would like to own a piece of art by…

A piece of art by Graham Sutherland, I like his gentle English surrealism.

I collect…

Beautiful books hard to resist and usually justify it to my self as ‘research material’.

I wish I had designed..

The Polo chair, but Robin Day beat me to it. I love its simplicity of design, elegance and democracy.

My next project is…

A book, with lots of words in it and a few pictures.


Take a look at these new notebooks based on Burrill’s woodblock prints, made in collaboration with Rubberband products.


Visit Anthony Burrill’s website here…

Interview: Form Us With Love

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Form Us With Love is a design house operating from Stockholm. The internationally acclaimed studio was started in 2005 by the trio of Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér. Form Us With Love aims to challenge the conventional through design initiatives.


Our advice for young/upcoming designers is…

Explore the new options that designers have today. There is so many possibilities today of self production and setting up your own brand. Read Chris Anderson’s “Makers” (and while you are at it read also “The Long Tail”) and go your own way. Designing for manufacturers is only one way of being a designer.

The future of design looks…

Design is becoming less and less about the physical object. Flawless function is tomorrow’s great user experience. Designers are now working to highlight reliability and function, and make it just as exciting as a new feature. We talk about experiences, not features.

We are listening to…

TED X talks. Right now the TEDxMaastricht – Simon Sinek – “First why and then trust”

One thing we couldn’t be without…

Our pingpong-sized meeting table.

We collect…

Books on design

We wish we had designed…

The paperclip

Our next project is…

A multitude of furniture, lighting and products. Right now we are working towards the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February.

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