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Sweden Proposes New Tax Laws To Promote Repair Instead of Replace.

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

In a day and age where it is often far easier, not to mention, more financially viable to replace a broken item, the government of Sweden have proposed an incentive to turn this around; Lowering tax costs on repairs. The coalition government between the Swedish Social Democrat and Green Parties  have focussed their attentions on the topic of sustainability, and fighting against the throwaway culture, that is so easy to be part of in the twenty-first century. By cutting repair tax from 25% to 12%, and brining in an increased Chemical tax, which will make creating new items significantly more expensive, Sweden are creating an incentive to repair broken items instead of instantly replacing them.

Sweden based brand String , affected by Swedish Repair Tax

Swedish brand String will be affected by the new laws if they are put into action.

But is this a good idea? Surely this will lower consumerism in Sweden meaning that trade will suffer. Alternatively it will increase sales in repairs and spare parts. We think this issue of throwaway culture is extremely important. We all know that with increased production comes higher pollution levels and more waste. Can we really afford to keep throwing away our broken items into landfill sites and stripping our earth of all its resources? We say NO!

In term’s of how this topic affects the design industry, we have seen an increasing number of our brands buy into this idea of sustainability. Companies such as Vitra and Normann Copenhagen offer a 2 year warranty on their furniture. Vitra even have a repairs department consisting of specially trained technicians who will come to your home and repair your furniture. Our brands produce, high quality design, that are not only practical but an investment. This subject strongly relates to the law that was passed earlier this year, banning replica furniture production. From January 2017, you will not longer be able purchase cheap fakes of classic pieces. Instead of purchasing the same low quality  copy-cat chair and replacing it over and over why not invest in a real classic piece, buying into an industry that promotes authenticity and longevity.

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Carl Hansen and Son- Black Edition – For a limited time only!

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Carl Hansen and Son- Black Edition


Carl Hansen & Son are offering a selection of their classic pieces in limited edition black finishes from the 1st of October until the 30th of November. The Black Edition campaign will offer customers a chance to order their favourite Carl Hansen chairs in not only a range of limited edition wood finishes but also a selection of exclusive fabrics from Northen Irish fabric brand, Mourne Textiles.


Those who are familiar with the Carl Hansen & Son brand will know that they are famous not only for there beautiful craftsmanship, but also their use of sustainable and quality wood. Previous to this campaign only a few pieces were available in black, and so this is your chance to get your hands on  truly unique piece of classic furniture.


Carl Hansen CH20, Ch33P, CH88T- Black Edition Dining Chairs


Carl Hansen, CH25, Ch07 Shell Chair, OW149 Colonial Chair- Black Edition Lounge Chairs

Carl Hansen & Son CH445 Wing Chair and CH448 Oculus Chair- Black Edition

Mourne Textile Samples, Carl Hansen & Son Black Edition

Mourne Textiles


Nestled at the foot of the idyllic Mourne mountains in Northern Ireland, Morune Textiles has been producing textiles for furnishing and fashion for over 60 years. Originally founded by Norwegian Gerd Hay-Edie, grandmother of Mario Sierra who now runs the business. Mourne textiles has a long history of working with mid-centuary modern brands and British fashion houses.

Following the recent success of a partnership between Carl Hansen & Son and Mourne Textiles at London Craft week, the two brands decided to take the next step, offering a limited edition collaboration of their products, resulting in a incredibly elegant collection.

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Design Junction – What did we love?

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Every year, during London Design festival, Design Junction showcases the worlds pinnacle brands, and what they have to offer. This year was a special one, as it was the first in the trade shows new permanent home of Kings Cross. Recently developed, Kings Cross is fast becoming the design hub of Central London.  The space is modern and oozes creativity. Based in and around Central St Martins School of Art, it’s not hard to see why the ‘creative quarter’  was selected as Design Junction’s new venue.

Although we thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, and everything we saw, there were a few stand out pieces that we would like to share with you!

The Green House By designed by Atelier 2+ for Design House Stockholm, at Design Junction 2016

The Green House, an amazing concept from Atelier 2+ for Design House Stockholm. This indoor green house creates “a room within a room for nature”. The sculpture, which is small enough for indoor use, creates art out of plants by putting them on a pedestal, in this incredible design piece.

Series four Stackable stools from Another Country at Design Junction 2016

Launching their Fourth collection, Another Country brought us the rather appropriately named Series Four. A collection consisting of a Dining Table, these stack able stools, a dining bench and a day bed.

Series Four Day Bed by Another Country at Design Junction 2016

Inspired by traditional English kitchen table design and 20C modernism, Another County’s Series Four collection, was created using a strong architectural design aesthetic, which brings their classic influence into the 21st Century.

Contemporary Wooden Furniture by Another Country at Design Junction 2016

This idea of creating a modern alternative to classic design has been a feature though out all four of collections designed by Another Country.

Shelf by Felix De Pass for VG&P at Design Junction 2016

Wedge Shelf designed by London based creative, Felix De Pass for VG&P. Collaborating with architects and designers across the globe, VG&P provide stylish and practical design using quality materials and craftsmanship.

Wedge Shelf by Felix De Pass at Design Junction

Felix De Pass, started his studio in 2009 after graduating from the Royal College of Art. He was initially asked my VG&P to design a multi functioning storage rail, answering the design brief, De Pass came up with ‘Rail’. Following the success of the Rail, VG&P asked De Pass to expand on his design and he created the Wedge Shelf.

Long Chair designed by Marcel Breuer for Isokon Plus at Design Junction 2016

London design brand Isokon Plus was founded in 1935 by British visionary, Jack Pritchard, who was hugely inspired by the Bauhaus Movement, and believed that architecture and design had the ability to improve British society. Continuing this philosophy, eight decades on, Isokon Plus is working with some of Britain’s leading design talent as well as continuing to manufacturer classic pieces such as Long Chair, which was designed by Bauhaus graduate Marcel Breuer in 1936.

Donkey 3 by Shin and Tomoko Azumi from Isokon Plus at Design Junction 2016

Isokon Plus continues to collaborate with contemporary design talent, such as Shin and Tomoko Azumi, who created Donkey 3 in 2003.

Who's Casper? in partnership with Modus Furniture at Design Junction 2016

We loved this colourful stool from Who’s Casper? In partnership with Modus Furniture.. This product has a fantastic concept behind it; Who’s Casper? asked 16 creatives to customize a Casper stool, originally designed by Michael Sodeau, but which designer is responsible for which stool is left unknown! The stools are available to bid on now, all proceeds going to the charity, Movement on the Ground, supporting refugees at the forefront of the European crisis


London Design Festival: Sculptures by Zuza Mengham for Laboratory Perfumes

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Crossing a fine line between art and design, London based designer, Zuza Mengham pushed the boundaries between traditional craft, and creating her own new and exciting methods of production. Her latest project is teamed with British Perfumery, Laboratory, who asked Mengham to create five physical manifestations of their signature scents. Mengham was not told what the fragrance contained, but instead used her sense of smell to depict the notes within the perfumes, to design and create these incredible sculptures. Created in resin, fast becoming Mengham’s signature material, each piece has a huge level of depth. The use of colour, is highly sophisticated, but with an incredibly futuristic approach. We are absolutely obsessed!

You can see Zuza Mengham’s work, currently on show for London Design week, at The Conran Shop, Marylebone (21-25th September). See more of Menghams work here:

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

AMBER Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

GORSE Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

ATLAS Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

TONKA Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

SAMPHIRE Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

An Introduction To Finnish Brand Secto Design!

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


Secto Lighting was created after clients of the Finnish furniture brand complained that they could not find lighting to go with their Secto furniture, which was constructed using a innovative glue-laminated wood. Seeing a opportunity, Secto founder Tuula Jusélius started hunting for a designer. Enter Seppo Koho, who had recently graduated from The University of Industrial Arts and Tampere University of Technology, with a degree in architecture. Jusélius and Koho’s paths crossed in 1995, shortly after he set up his own design studio, they bonded quickly over their mutual love for Northern Wood and Scandinavian Design, and so Secto lighting was born!

Koho’s architectural back ground is very apparent in these beautifully sculptural lamps. The soft light they create is the perfect finishing touch for your home.

Secto_Puncto_4203_White_Lifestyle  Secto_Aspiro_8000_Group Secto_Atto_5000_Black_Lifestyle  Secto_4220_Black_Lifestyle Secto_Kontro_6000_Group  Secto_Owalo_7010_Black_Lifestyle Secto_4230_Walnut_Lifestyle Secto_Owalo_7000_Birch_Lifestyle Secto_Owalo_7030_Walnut_Lifestyle  Secto_Victo_4250_Black_Lifestyle_2 Secto_Petite_4600_Black_Lifestyle  Secto_Octo_4240_Black_Lifestyle_3

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