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London Design Festival: Sculptures by Zuza Mengham for Laboratory Perfumes

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Crossing a fine line between art and design, London based designer, Zuza Mengham pushed the boundaries between traditional craft, and creating her own new and exciting methods of production. Her latest project is teamed with British Perfumery, Laboratory, who asked Mengham to create five physical manifestations of their signature scents. Mengham was not told what the fragrance contained, but instead used her sense of smell to depict the notes within the perfumes, to design and create these incredible sculptures. Created in resin, fast becoming Mengham’s signature material, each piece has a huge level of depth. The use of colour, is highly sophisticated, but with an incredibly futuristic approach. We are absolutely obsessed!

You can see Zuza Mengham’s work, currently on show for London Design week, at The Conran Shop, Marylebone (21-25th September). See more of Menghams work here:

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

AMBER Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

GORSE Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

ATLAS Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

TONKA Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

Design sculpture by Zuza Mengham

SAMPHIRE Image Credit- Ilka & Franz and Zuza Mengham

An Introduction To Finnish Brand Secto Design!

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


Secto Lighting was created after clients of the Finnish furniture brand complained that they could not find lighting to go with their Secto furniture, which was constructed using a innovative glue-laminated wood. Seeing a opportunity, Secto founder Tuula Jusélius started hunting for a designer. Enter Seppo Koho, who had recently graduated from The University of Industrial Arts and Tampere University of Technology, with a degree in architecture. Jusélius and Koho’s paths crossed in 1995, shortly after he set up his own design studio, they bonded quickly over their mutual love for Northern Wood and Scandinavian Design, and so Secto lighting was born!

Koho’s architectural back ground is very apparent in these beautifully sculptural lamps. The soft light they create is the perfect finishing touch for your home.

Secto_Puncto_4203_White_Lifestyle  Secto_Aspiro_8000_Group Secto_Atto_5000_Black_Lifestyle  Secto_4220_Black_Lifestyle Secto_Kontro_6000_Group  Secto_Owalo_7010_Black_Lifestyle Secto_4230_Walnut_Lifestyle Secto_Owalo_7000_Birch_Lifestyle Secto_Owalo_7030_Walnut_Lifestyle  Secto_Victo_4250_Black_Lifestyle_2 Secto_Petite_4600_Black_Lifestyle  Secto_Octo_4240_Black_Lifestyle_3

NEW… HAY accessories!

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

HAY accessory deliveries are always exciting, especially when it’s the new collection! We are loving all the fun bits and bobs we received this week. With everything from ceramic Cacti to colourful tooth brushes out only problem now is what to buy first!


Cati Uno Dos & Tres designed by Lina Cofan £69


Ruban Mirror (Small-blue & Xsmall-green) designed by Inga Sempe From £11


Rhom Trivet, designed by Shane Schneck £15


Laundry Basket designed by BIG-GAME (small light grey only) £25


3D Postcard (Happy & Blink) designed by Clara Von Zweigbergk £3


Tann Tooth brush (Grey& Grey/Coral) Andreas Engesvik £3


Tote Bag designed by Richard Woods £15

Have you ever wondered how the Tom Dixon Melt Pendant was formed?

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

Melt is a beautifully distorted lighting globe that creates a mesmerizing melting hot blown glass effect. Translucent when on and mirror-finish when off, it emits an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light.

To celebrate the release of the Tom Dixon Melt Table and Floor lamp we thought we would share this very interested video of how the melt form is created. Enjoy!



Lighting, take a look at our picks for this season!

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

As Autumn rolls in, and we start loosing those lovely bright summer nights, evening light becomes an issue. Now is the time to replace that old lampshade you bought back in 1997 and get yourself some amazing atmospheric lighting, to really put that finishing touch on your home. With so much to choose from, we’ve selected some of our favourite pendant, floor and table lighting for you to gather some inspiration!


VP Globe (1969) designed by Verner Panton, produced by VerPan


The Melt floor, table and pendant light (2015) designed and produced by Tom Dixon.


The Acorn Pendant (2012) designed by Atle Tveit


The PH5 (1958) designed by Poul Henningsen produced by Louis Poulsen


Wall lights (1921) designed by Bernard Albin-Gras produced by Lampe Gras


The Grossman Grass Hopper floor and table light (1947) & the Grossman Cobra wall light both Designed by Greta Grossman, produced by Gubi


Original 1227 Brass Desk lamp (1935) designed by George Carwardine produced by Anglepoise.


Amp Pendant Lamp designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen.


the A330S Golden Bell Pendant Lamp (1936) designed by Alvar Aalto, produced by Artek


Multi Light Pendant (1972) designed by Louis Weisdorf, produced by Gubi

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